Sustainability is much more than an idea at Noman Group. Sustainability is profoundly embedded into our business. We take our role in responsibly shaping the future very seriously by consistently working to improve not only our performance and the quality of our products, but also how we do business and how we treat our people, the various communities we serve and the environment around us.

NTTML strives to minimize its environment impact through one of the nation’s biggest biological Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Our ETP facility (manufactured by Panta Rei) has a capacity of 250 m3/hour.

Environmental Sustainability:

Biological Effluent Treatment Plant (Panta-Rei)
Capacity: 6000 m3/day
Digital control from a central control room
BOD sensor with incubator ( For BOD test)
Spectrophotometer (For COD test)
Thermo reactor (For COD test)
Microscope ( For Bacteria analysis)
Multi-meter (For TDS, pH, DO, Temperature etc)
Precision balanceZero Liquid Discharge by 2020
Zero Liquid Discharge by 2020

NTTMLS’s endeavors in improving the lives of the workers include:

Competitive wages
Women Empowerment (80% of our garments workforce is female)
Maternity leaves
Day care center for infants
Medical Facility
Life Insurance
Living accommodations for plant workers
Hygienic dining facility for all employees
Timely salary disbursement through ATM cards to all employees
Training Center for human development
HIV Awareness Training
Fair Price Shop
No Child Labor
Motivation factor – Loan, Advance Payment, Performance Bonus, Attendance Bonus, Both Piece Pay, wages for workers.

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