Any towel factory in Bangladesh should have these eco-labels!

You may come across many cheap towel factory in Bangladesh or premium towel factory in Bangladesh claiming to be producing what you need. However, all such claims need to be thoroughly verified. Along with the required level of compliance, you should also check their eco-labels. The most common sought-after ones are Oekotex, OE100, GOTS and BCI.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): This certification was developed with a vision to amalgamate many current and draft standards in the eco textile processing field. Also, it would outline universally renowned requirements that warrant organic status of textiles which would assure the end user. Thus, a terry towel manufacturer is now able to supply buyers with a universal certification. Features of GOTS include independent on-site inspection and use of certified organic fibers among others.

OE 100 & OE Blended:  OE basically means Organic Exchange. It has two standards. OE 100 endorses terry towels made with 100% organic fiber that have been traced through the production chain and isolated to deter mixing with other fibers. OE Blended applies to all Terry towels that contain at least 5% organic cotton and can be used for blends that comprise any fiber, including regular cotton. These certifications will soon be replaced by OCS or Organic Content Standard.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100:  This certification is a world renowned testing & certification system for textile raw materials and the terry towel at all stages of production. It entails several human-ecological characteristics, including detrimental substances which are forbidden or regulated by law, harmful (but not banned) chemicals, and factors which are included as a prophylactic measure to safeguard health.  Terry Towels may get this certification only if all components strictly meet the desired criteria. It is probably the most certification in this field as almost 70,000 certificates have been issued till today. Oeko-Tex 1000 has recently been introduced for environmental parameters (whereas Oeko-Tex 100 is for Toxicological parameters).

Better Cotton Initative (BCI):  BCI is complementary to Certified Organic, Fairtrade cotton and CmiA. This certification promotes a complete set of production values and criteria for developing cotton in a more sustainable manner. This  member-based organization consisting of parties from the entire cotton supply chain started its journey in 2010. BCI currently has a system in place to trace Better Cotton from the farm to the gin. The goals of BCI are to decrease the environmental impact of cotton production, increase living standards in the cotton growing regions, ensure commitment of better cotton in supply chain and ensure sustainability of this great initiative.

In this competitive and globally distributed textile supply chain, these labels assure the buyers/end-users to certain degree.  Responsible tery towel manufacturers around the world are really working hard to achieve these labels for the greater good. Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited is proud to possess the leading eco-labels that makes it a highly sought-after terry towel factory in Bangladesh. Did you know that it is also a highly compliant facility?

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