Bangladesh is a great destination for sourcing if you’re looking for cheap terry towels, premium terry towels or even sustainable terry towel production!

1. Economical Production: Thanks to labor costs being one of the lowest in the world, you can find very affordable terry towels in Bangladesh. With mass production, the bigger factories achieved economy of scale, resulting in highly competitive prices.

Bangladeshi Terry Towel

Noman Terry Towel Mill towels on display

2. Expertise: Bangladesh has been towel manufacturing terry towels since the mid-80s. Decades of experience and expertise enables our manufacturers to meet buyer demands swiftly.

3. Duty-free advantage: Bangladesh is especially more competitive in markets like EU, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Korea thanks to duty exemption in those markets. Terry towel suppliers in Bangladesh are expecting the same advantage in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil very soon.

4. Latest Production Technology: Gone are the days when a terry towel manufacturer in Bangladesh would only use power looms. These days, the top terry towel manufacturers in Bangladesh like Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited are only using high quality Airjet looms to produce all terry towel products including terry bath towel, terry beach towel, terry hand towel, terry tea towel, and terry towel bathrobe.

5. Vertical Integration: The leading terry towel manufacturers in Bangladesh are increasingly going for vertical integration. So from spinning to finish product – you get everything under one roof! Moreover, they also provide transportation facilities for smooth business operation.

6. No language barriers: In other languages, terry towel products like bath towel, terry bath towel, terry beach towel, terry hand towel, terry tea towel, terry towel bathrobe have different names. For instance:  Toalha de banho, Toalla, Toalha, Handtuch, Handduk, Pyyhe, Handdoek, полотенце, Banhão, Toalhas Banhão, Serviette etc. Still, English is still the predominant language and Bangladeshis are fairly conversant in this. So unlike some other Asian countries, a buyer will never have communication issues in this part of the world.

7. The Next Destination: With Chinese and Indian industrialists gradually moving to technology industries, Terry towel manufacturers in Bangladesh are increasingly gaining more market share in this industry. It will indeed be the next sourcing hot spot, internationally.

8. Compliance:In the last two years, unprecedented importance has been given to compliance in the Bangladeshi textile industry. With Accord and Alliance working very closely with suppliers, the current towel factories in Bangladesh are highly compliant.Most major towel manufacturers like Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited have BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP, OEKO-TEX certification.

9. Alternative sourcing destinations:The few other alternative sourcing destinations right now include Myanmar, Sub-Saharan countries and regions close to Western Europe. However, they cannot yet compete with Bangladesh in terms of prices or scale of production anytime soon.

10. McKinsey says so:According to a recent article by renowned consulting company Mckinsey, Bangladesh remains top of the list for sourcing markets expected to grow in importance in the next few years.

So instead of going to Google and searching for terry towel supplier in Pakistan or India  – you might want to source from the best terry towel supplier in Bangladesh!

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