Terry towels also need love and care to last for ages! Here are 12 ways to ensure the great mileage from terry towels!

No matter what kind of towel (terry bath towel, terry beach towel, terry hand towel etc.) you buy, you need to take care of it properly to be using it for years and years. At Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited, the experts know what ensures maximum product life for terry towels. Here are some tips which might come in handy:

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    Jacquard Terry Towel

    Before using your towel for the first time, make sure to give it a wash in warm water to remove extra dyes, silicons or fabric softener. You will ensure maximum absorbency this way.

  • Washing your towel less frequently will ensure its longer life. Make sure to hang up your towel in such a way that it gets dry between uses. Moist towels spread bad odor and attract bacteria.
  • Want to keep your towels fluffy? Tumble drying (the process of drying by spinning with hot air inside a cylinder) is the way to do it. However, keep in mind that excess heat might hamper the towel’s integrity, so it is important to keep the temperature low (i.e. under 60°C) while drying.
  • After washing one lot of your clothing, do not reuse that to wash the consecutive lot.Lint will contaminate your towels. In addition, do not overload your washing machine as it prevents your towels from getting actually clean.
  • Dryer sheets or fabric softener decrease the absorbency of your bath towel. Do not use them with your bath towel.
  • Milder or less detergent usage while washing would ensure the longevity plus your towel’s fluffiness which aids absorbency.
  • Want to remove all bacteria from your towel? Wash it at 70°C!
  • Shake your towels after taking them from the washer. Do not iron your towels, because it diminishes the fluffiness. Consequently, absorbency almost always gets reduced.
  • Make sure that your towel is dry while removing them from the dryer. Towels may spoil due to humidity even if it remains slightly damp. Nevertheless, overheating destroys the towel’s integrity (as written earlier), so it should be avoided.
  • It’s not a good idea to wash color towels together. Also never use chlorine bleach on them!
  • Cut off any stray pulled loop with a blade or scissors as it will not be detrimental in any way.
  • While keeping your bath towels or hand towels on the shelf space, fold them in thirds (first, fold the towel in half, with open ends to the left. Then fold it in half again. Now, fold up the bottom third of the towel and then fold the top third down).

While we don’t expect you to put similar emphasis on terry beach towel and terry wash cloth,  these tips will in general enable you to use any such products for long time. In addition to the above, you should also read the washing instructions on the towel label for specific guidance. We hope you liked our tips for taking care of terry towels. You may also want to read how to buy and preserve towels.


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